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This story is by Shaun Knight, a Travel Advisor at Magic Family Getaways.

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In March of 2018, Disney – to much fanfare – announced that an all-new Marvel-themed land would be coming to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA in 2020. After an 11-month delay due to the pandemic, the highly-anticipated new land finally opened to the public in June of 2021. Billed as the first-ever Marvel-based land built by Disney anywhere in the world, Avengers Campus is a 4-acre land nestled in the heart of Disney’s California Adventure Park, located on the former site of A Bug’s Land.

Despite opening just over 3 months ago, many in the Disney fandom have not yet had the chance to visit this brand new, energy-filled land at the Disneyland Resort. Fortunately, I was able to visit the land for the first time a few weeks ago, & got to spend 3 days exploring, riding, eating, & seeing everything the area had to offer. Let’s discuss the Top 5 things this movie blockbuster-turned-theme park land has to offer!

Number 5: The Rides

Avengers Campus opened it’s doors featuring 2 rides – the brand new WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure (or WEB, for short), and Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! (or Mission Breakout, for short). Mission Breakout originally opened in May of 2017 as a re-theme of the former Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, and has instantly become a beloved fan-favorite in the park. However, since the ride has already been open for over 4 years, most of the attention was focused on WEB upon land opening. Without attempting to spoil too much, WEB is a fantastic attraction. Peter Parker (reprised by Tom Holland) is hosting an open house to allow guests to suit-up like Spider-Man. Unfortunately, everything goes awry when Spider-Bots start replicating out of control! It is up to us to help Spidey stop the bots & save Avengers Campus. WEB is a shooter-based dark ride that is similar to Toy Story Midway Mania, but much more high-tech – using 3D glasses & thousands of motion-capture sensors, you fling your very own web’s to help capture the Spider-Bots, just using your very own wrists! WEB is a great fit for the whole family & will certainly capture the hearts of any Spider-Man loving kid (or adult!) in the family.

Number 4: The Food

One of the main draws to the entire Avengers Campus is Pym’s Test Kitchen & Tasting Lab – a quick-service restaurant & microbrewery featuring uniquely-themed food & drink that has been “specialized” using Pym Technology from the Ant-Man films. The main draw’s here are the Not-So-Little Chicken Sandwich (featuring enlarged chicken & tiny bread) & the Quantum Pretzel (it’s a gigantic pretzel….), both of which tasted great. For the adult superheroes, Pym’s Tasting Lab features a huge selection of locally-brewed adult beverages, served in special containers. The real draw, however, is the theming – Pym’s Test Kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. It has great touches of theming inside & out, and is a great homage to the former A Bug’s Land at the same time. Another great addition to the land’s culinary lineup is Schawarma Palace – a great homage to the Avengers movie featuring New York’s Tastiest Schawarma. Once your tummy starts grumbling after all your hard work helping Spider-Man on WEB, you’ll be ready to eat all the over-sized food & Avengers treats your stomach can handle at Pym’s & Schawarma Palace!

Number 3: The Characters

One of the best aspects to the entire land is the roaming characters. Everywhere you look & every corner you turn, a brand new superhero pops up to greet you or take a photo. We spent over 10 hours combined at the land during our trip, & we still felt like we didn’t get to see every character that was available. Not only do these roaming superheroes make the land feel vibrant & alive, it also makes you the guest feel apart of the action! Not to mention the fantastic photo-ops for the little superheroes in your party, too. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or just a casual theme park fan who enjoys character meet-n-greets, the characters of Avengers Campus are one of the coolest aspects to any land at the entire resort.

Number 2: The Shows

Probably the most impressive aspect to the land, there are a total of 5 shows to experience while enjoying your time at Avengers Campus. These 5 are: Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!, The Amazing Spider-Man!, Avengers Assemble!, Dr. Strange: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts, & Warriors of Wakanda: The Disciplines of the Dora Milaje.

All 5 shows are honestly incredible & worth your time, but the Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, & Dora Milaje shows are especially impressive. All 3 of these performances are enjoyable for the entire family, & really make you feel like you’re in the middle of the Avengers action. There are multiple show-times throughout the day for each one, so the action can pop up around you at any time!

Number 1: The Ambiance

Easily the highlight of the entire land for my family & I, the ambiance of Avengers Campus – especially at night – is breathtakingly gorgeous. Despite having a smaller plot of land to work with, Disney’s Imagineers absolutely knocked it out of the park (no pun intended) in their construction of this land. While the rides, shows, characters, & food are all fantastic, the crown jewel of this brand new land is just immersing yourself in the world around you – from the colors, the forced perspective, the landscapes, the size of the buildings – it’s all a true piece of art no matter how you look at it. The highlight of the ambiance comes at dusk. As the sun sets & the lights turn on, Avengers Campus takes on an entirely new look, & is legitimately one of the most beautiful places to be in any theme park in the world.

While not without its flaws, Avengers Campus is an incredible addition to an already-beautiful theme park in Disney’s California Adventure. As the land currently exists, it’s an energy-filled, action-packed, vibrant piece of Imagineering that’s going to bring something to the table for all ages & interests. And with Disney’s track record of expansion & growth, the future is extremely bright for this brand new land.

Take a minute to watch this video, the Avengers Campus is just amazing!!


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