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This story is by Jill Csuka, a Travel Advisor at Magic Family Getaways.

Jill recently visited Walt Disney World Resort with her family and her children experienced building a lightsaber at Star Wars Galaxys Edge in Savi’s Workshop. Read on to hear all about their amazing experience!

When planning your vacation with Jill, she truly enjoys assisting her clients to have the most memorable experience! Jill truly helps with every step of the planning process and no detail in her planning is ever left unturned!


Calling all Star Wars Fans!

Even if you haven’t seen all the movies, everyone knows the iconic LightSaber featured throughout the series, at Savi’s Workshop you can make your own personalized LightSaber to take home. While obtaining this lightsaber comes at a steep price, the experience of designing it and the joy of having your very own personalized lightsaber is WORTH IT! This is an experience you will 100% remember as you play a role in the story and become immersed into the world of Star Wars and the Jedi.

Finding Savi’s Workshop and the Backstory

I have to say Savi’s Workshop can be a bit hard to find. My husband and I were meeting there and he went to the totally wrong place. It doesn’t look like much from the outside as it is supposed to appear inconspicuous and just a place where “Gathers” such as ourselves would supposedly store our scrap metal. It is located in the Black Spire Outpost right next to the Droid Depot pushed a bit back. There is a giant blue and white symbol on the outside of Savi’s. (We actually got a great shot of Chewbacca right before heading back to it.) If you can’t find it, ask any Cast Member to point you in the right direction.  A secretive group runs this shop known as “The Gathers” and their goal is to restore the balance by passing on their knowledge of the Force. The shop is named after Savi, who was one of the original Gatherers and he uses the scrap storage business as a front to hide his mission of seeking out and training the next generation of Force Wielders. 


Reservations are highly recommended for this experience and can be done on the My Disney Experience App or on the Disney World public site for Savi’s Workshop: 


Reservations open up 60 days from the date you are going to Hollywood Studios. You must have a park reservation for Hollywood Studios in order to get the reservation as well as a valid credit card. I recommend making the reservation for later in the day so you don’t have to carry the light saber on all the rides after. Please note when you make this reservation it accommodates one Builder and one guest. You should arrive 15 minutes early and don’t be late because they may not be able to accommodate you at a later time. You will pay in full once you check in. 

The Experience and Process

After you check in and pay- the FUN begins! A “Gatherer” will have you scan a QR code and the menu of lightsabers you can choose from… 

1. Peace and Justice

2. Power and Control

3. Elemental Nature

4. Protection and Defense

Each lightsaber has different pieces that you can choose from to build your own unique design. The pieces include:

  • 1 hilt
  • 4 sleeves (you pick two)
  • 2 emitters (you pick one)
  • 2 pommel caps (you pick one)
  • 2 sets of activation plates and switches (pick one set)

You can read about each lightsabers to help you decide which one to choose from. I made my two kids tell me separately which one they wanted so they wouldn’t copy each other and sure enough they both picked “Protection and Defense”. Upon entering Savi’s actual workshop- I felt like I was in the movie. The little details everywhere are truly incredible. The Head gatherer will start speaking to you about how you will use your force to build your own custom lightsaber. While he talks, the music in the background totally immerses you into the experience. Next you will pick your Kyber crystal that will be the center of your lightsaber and color it will light up. You can choose from blue, green, purple and red.

Again my kids picked the same color- Blue. The Gatherers will help you step by step build your own unique saber- picking what pieces you want. Once you’re done you set your lightsaber in a stand in front of you and a Gatherer comes to make sure everything is in place correctly. The head Gatherer will go on to explain that the final, most important part of the process is forging the bond between the saber and the builder. At this time, Master Yoda makes a special appearance- which is a total special touch. You then will be asked to calibrate your hilt and the blade by sticking it into a compartment that will connect them.

The head gatherer will then tell you to activate your saber and you will see all the sabers light up. The compartment your saber is in will open up and the head gatherer will ask you to raise your saber- I totally geeked out at this point because it was so surreal and cool to see the looks on my kids faces as they raised their lightsabers in awe. 

Keep in mind Disney will provide you with a padded carrying case at the end of your experience. Please note the saber is glass and can break so it is not meant to battle with. The carrying case has a strap making it easy to carry. It is long and can be awkward to carry around all day. So might be best to plan for your experience late in the afternoon.

The experience is about 30 minutes long and I truly think it is worth it especially if you’re a Star Wars Fan! My kids still talk about it! Please note they are very strict on NO flash photography so make sure before you go in you turn your flash off. It is darker in there so sometimes the flash automatically goes off. 

Questions about the experience feel free to email me @ Jill@magicfamilygetaways.com And May the Force be with you! 

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