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How can we sign up for the Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios and what is the show all about?

These questions are often asked by almost all our clients. We are happy to help explain what the hype is all about and how you can sign up your children for this super fun event on your next vacation.

The Jedi Training Academy is a 20 minute interactive opportunity that allows children (ages 4 – 12) to battle against the forces of the dark side in a light saber instruction demonstration.  The children are referred to as Padawan’s, young Jedi apprentices. They train under a Jedi Master and battle against Darth Vader or the Seventh Sister to defeat the dark side.

Only a few children can participate per show, so registering early is important, there are no fast passes for this opportunity. Spots are offered on a first come, first service basis and are usually filled up within the first hour of park opening. There are 10 to 14 shows a day, each taking 12 to 15 children. After the training is complete the kids receive a certificate for the training. This is a must do for any Star Wars fan.

Here are a few tips and tricks to secure your child/children a spot. . . 

1. Arrive at Hollywood Studios 30 minutes before park opening (park opens usually at 9:00am but confirm with the hotel). On days where there are morning Magic Hours, sign ups begin when the Magic Hours do, which gives a huge advantage to onsite Disney guests.  Keep in mind this makes it possible for slots to be full even before the park opens to the public, i.e. non Disney Resort hotel guests.

2. Grab a map and go straight to the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost Shop (next to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe). This is where the sign ups are held.

3. The participating child/children must be present in order to sign up. 

4. Chose a show based upon availability. Times run through out the day. Be sure to check that the time is not the same as any of your fast passes.

5. Return 20 to 30 minutes minutes prior to your assigned time. 

6. Upon assembling of the children participating in each show, a Disney cast member will loan robes to each child so that they can really get into character.

7. Show Time: The Jedi Master is super cool, interacts with the adults in the audience and is amazing with the kids. He works with them on a training routine until. . .  someone from the Dark Side arrives . . .  Each child gets to go one on one with Darth Vader, with the Jedi Master guiding through each step. Once he is defeated the child is awarded a certificate proclaiming them a true Jedi Padawan.

Disney Photopass photographers are present thought out the show. You will get some awesome action shots of your Padawan. If for any reason you don’t want picture of the other Padawan’s in your photos you can go to one of the photopass centers to have them removed.

If for any reason you were unable to secure a spot, don’t fear. There is a standby list for each show. Show up at least 30 minutes prior to a given show, find a Disney cast member and get on the standby list. Its always worth a try! Disney does do their best to accommodate as many children as they can fit in per show.

I always recommend preparing your children for the show before you leave on your vacation. You can search you tube for other families experiences at the academy or watch any of the Star Wars movies. The dark side villains can still be a little intimidating in person to some of our younglings.

Good luck and enjoy the show!

All my best,
Kim Anwar, Owner / Travel Specialist – Magic Family Getaways LLC